Hey, Friends of Endgames –

In order to keep things running smoothly at Endgames we’re going to start offering paid work to Stage Managers. Our schedule is hectic (sixteen shows a week, not counting student performances), but that’s how we fulfill our mission of providing the most stage time to improvisers in the Bay Area. Having our producers responsible for everything has kept the theater humming so far… but it leaves holes.

Side note: go hug a producer today, they’re seriously the best, and they work really hard. Better yet, buy them a drink. If they don’t drink, buy them a savings bond!

We want to make the job of producer easier. Enter the Stage Manager. The stage manager will be responsible for opening the space, directing the volunteers, and talking to everyone on our sweet new headset radios. They’re the boss of when shows start and end, and can handle tech for shows that need it. Oh, and they get paid. It’s not going to pay your San Francisco rent, but at least it will allow us to compensate people for one of our most labor intensive jobs.

This is new territory for us. We operate on fairly tight margins and most of us do this as a labor of love (including Scott and myself). We have big dreams to be able to pay everyone at least something for their time, creativity, and dedication — performers included — but it will be a long road. The theater side of Endgames isn’t profitable, but it’s getting better. The classes earn almost every cent we spend.

That said, we think a smoothly running theater will improve the quality of our shows and make audiences more likely to return. We think it will convince all you fantastic performers that Endgames is the best place to spend your time.

If you’re interested or just curious, read on for all the sordid details, or send us an email at info@endgamesimprov.com


Max McCal
Director, Endgames Improv

The rate is $13 hourly, and includes half an hour of time to open, half an hour of time to close. Stage managers are never expected to stay past 11:30pm (Midnight on Thursday through Saturday). So, the rates look like this:

  • Regular day with 8, 9, and 10pm shows — Rate: $52 — Hours: 7:30pm to 11:30pm
  • Regular day with a class show — Rate: $65 — Hours: 6:30pm to 11:30pm
  • Thursday or Friday — Rate: $58.50 — Hours: 7:30pm to 12am
  • Thursday or Friday with a class show — Rate: $71.50 — Hours: 6:30pm to 12am
  • Saturday — Rate: $26 — Hours: 10pm to 12am

Stage managers have to sign up for the whole day, we don’t have the administrative resources available to arrange anything more complex. We’ll give preference to those who can sign up to manage a particular day of the week regularly. Also, please note that you will be a part time employee. Someone of us may have exclusivity contracts with work (booo!)..

Full responsibilities are outlined in this document.

A smoothly run theater