Endgames Coaches

Need a coach?

All the coaches you see here are endorsed by Endgames improv and have availability. If your team needs a new coach or just someone to sub for a day, feel free to reach out. Individual hours of availability, of course, are up the individual.

Max McCal

A founding member of Endgames Impov, Max has performed in the bay area since 2007, and currently plays with Endgames team the Recchia. He is an instructor and director for the company, and coaches Endgames house teams.

Contact Max: max@endgamesimprov.com

Scott Meyer

Having participated in his college's improv club for one semester, Scott made the unfortunate decision to wait seven years before performing again. Trained through Endgames Improv and iO Chicago Summer Intensive, Scott is happy to join the Endgames main stage team The Recchia and house Harold team Patchwork.

Contact Scott: scott@endgamesimprov.com

Kaeli Quick

Kaeli Quick has been a part of the SF improv community since 2011. Currently, she's on Endgames house teams Chivalry Club (#ThrowbackThursday) and The Rufe (Your Fucked Up Relationship). She's also a co-founder emeritus of the all-lady team Vagina Jones. You might also see her appearing on stage with the sketch group Killing My Lobster, doin' stuff at PianoFight, or popping up in an AJ+ Newsbroke video from time-to-time. In short, she's around.

Contact Kaeli: kaeli@endgamesimprov.com

Chris Blair

Chris Blair is an improviser. He has trained in both San Francisco and Chicago with many schools, including iO, Bats, and UCB (and performing on several of their stages). He now plays on the EndGames main-stage team The Recchia Originally teaching and performing with FRISCO, Chris was one of the founders of Endgames. He is also the creator of the web series Tragedy Club.

Contact Chris: chris@endgamesimprov.com

Keara McCarthy

Keara has a BA in Drama from San Francisco State University. She has been doing Improv for over four years. She performs weekly with The Recchia in Your F@#ked Up Relationsip, and with Vagina Jones as much as possible, and she will be appearing next year in Improv Against Humanity. She has appeared in Improv Festivals across the country, including The San Francisco Improv Festival, The LA Improv Festival, and the Del Close Marathon in NYC to name a few.

Contact Keara: keara@endgamesimprov.com

Chrysteena Barton

Chrysteena has a B.A. in Theatre and comes from the Chicago improv scene where she performed on the iO team Shadowfax, the ComedySportz Rec. League, and at Chemically Imbalanced Comedy. While in Chicago, she studied at the Second City, iO, The Annoyance Theater and ComedySportz. Now in the Bay Area, Chrysteena performs with Classy Pants, Vagina Jones, The Recchia, and Mr. Potato Hand, along with coaching the team Cat Dance. Her festival appearances include, The Nashville Improv Invasion (Nashville,) The Duke City Improv Festival (Albuquerque,) SF Sketchfest (San Francisco,) The San Francisco Improv Festival (San Francisco,) The Stumptown Improv Festival (Portland,) and the Milky Way Festival (Roseville).

Contact Chrysteena: chrysteena@endgamesimprov.com

Sam Turnbull

Discovered the fine art of improv in high school. While at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo Sam performed weekly with Smile and Nod, the Cal Poly improv team. Sam brought his brand of improv overseas twice to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Lucky for you he now stays state-side. You can see him perform regularly with the EndGames harold team Patchwork and monthly with the long-form team Chivalry Club.

Contact Sam: sam@endgamesimprov.com

Shaun Plander

Shaun Plander is an improviser, writer and actor and has been looking handsome in San Francisco since 2010, when he moved here to help found the improv troupe Narcissists Anonymous. The Narcissists have been featured in the Del Close Marathon, the LA Improv Comedy Festival, and the San Francisco Improv Festival. Shaun performed at the Ventura Improv Company for four years, and studied theater at UCSB. He has acted in numerous plays and sketch shows. He can also be seen performing with the Endgames house team, Patchwork.

Contact Shaun: shaun@endgamesimprov.com

Nick Coluzzi

Nick has been doing improv since high school where he trained with ComedySportz Los Angeles. His passion for improv continued throughout college at San Francisco State University where he received a bachelors in history and currently works toward his masters. He performs regularly with Narcissists Anonymous.

Contact Nick: nick@endgamesimprov.com

Nish Tewari

Nish is a born and raised Endgames improviser. He performs with Endgames' House teams Recchia and Patchwork. He has performed at various improv festivals including The California Improv Festival, San Franciso Improv Festival, Detroit Improv Festival and the Stumptown Improv festival.

Contact Nish: nish@endgamesimprov.com

Jon Skulski

Jon Skulski has been studying and teaching improv for five years. He has twice completed iO's summer intensive in Chicago and as a performer with Endgames in San Francisco. He is currently a member of house team, Cat Dance. He believes good improv comes from a place of confident, honest silliness. You can read his experiences and theories at http://improvfordumbidiots.tumblr.com/

Contact Jon: jon@endgamesimprov.com

Edwin Zee

is a writer and performer living in San Francisco. Edwin has been performing improv since 2006 and has received training from iO West and the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater. He's performed at the LA Improv Festival, Del Close Marathon, and the San Francisco Improv Festival. His comedy has been featured on Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, and Details magazine. Edwin currently performs with EndGames main stage team The Recchia and house team Furious. Outside of improv, Edwin enjoys a good burrito, has a decent CD collection, and is a big nerd.

Contact Edwin: edwin@endgamesimprov.com

Julie Katz

Julie Katz has been in San Francisco since 2013 and she is extremely grateful that she found Endgames Improvisational Theatrical Theater. Before venturing westward she was in New York City where she performed musical improv with house teams at both The Magnet and The P.I.T. She completed the advanced study program at Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater and has her BFA in Drama from Tisch School of the Arts at NYU. Here, she performs with Endgames house team Chivalry Club and Vagina Jones, an all lady team encouraging other lady-identifying people to get on stage and improvise. Julie thinks improv is magic.

Contact Julie: julie@endgamesimprov.com

Krish Eswaran

Krish Eswaran has been studying and performing improv and sketch comedy since 2013. He's trained with Endgames Improv, iO Chicago, the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago, and has taken workshops from teachers affiliated with these and other theaters around the country. He coaches There's Hope?, an Endgames house Harold team, and performs regularly with Cat Dance, Kappa, and in Your Fucked Up Relationship. You can read about his experiences at http://improvfrombelow.com or ask him about them in person.

Contact Krish: krish@endgamesimprov.com

Hector Huang

Hector Huang has been studying and performing improv at Endgames since 2013. In addition to his training at Endgames, he has completed most of the UCB core curriculum in NYC. At Endgames, he performs every Thursday with Chad and Chivalry Club. Hector is still trying to explain what improv is to his parents. Hector micro-publishes on twitter @portmanteauwar.

Contact Hector: hector@endgamesimprov.com

Rebecca Sorell

Rebecca is a home grown Endgames improviser, and has been playing and studying with this community since 2013. She has also done a summer intensive at the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago, and studies with any visiting instructors that get within 20 miles of SF. She performs with the house Harold team Royal Minks, and the connected showcase team Party Cop.

Contact Rebecca: rebecca@endgamesimprov.com

Sean Geary

Sean Geary has been with Endgames Improv since June 2012. He performed with inaugural Endgames House Harold Team Patchwork and is a current member of Wachaa! He has a profound love for Camp Improv Utopia that unlocked his understanding of how community and camaraderie make improv better. He produces a monthly Camp Night for indie teams looking for a free venue and free show to perform in. Wachaa! is the host team for Camp Night which is a great time to see them perform their own form The Wachaa! You can follow his fitness selfies on Instagram @hobbesnd97.

Contact Sean: sean@endgamesimprov.com

Dan Ronco

Dan Ronco has taught, studied, and performed improv for over 10 years. He trained at iO Chicago, Improv Boston, and with the San Francisco Improv Co-Op. Dan has performed in numerous shows and festivals, including the SF improv Festival and SF Fringe Fest, and is currently coach of Endgames house team the Recchia.

Contact Dan: DanRonco81@gmail.com

Avi Rajput

Avi began improvising in San Francisco Area in 2012 and has trained with Endgames Improv, iO Chicago, and UCBNY. You can see him perform regularly with Endgames house team SF Tonight, The Letters, Party Cop, Kappa and Pianofight house team Original Jokes.

Contact Avi: avi@endgamesimprov.com

Craig Gaspian

Craig has been involved with Endgames since the spring of 2013 and takes the stage regularly with his team Cat Dance and irregularly/always with Lamplighter. He has studied improv at Pan Theater, UCB NY and iO Chicago. He has a performance background in drama, musical theatre, a cappella, and just enough stand-up comedy to mention.

Contact Craig: craig@endgamesimprov.com