Here at Endgames we believe in sharing. Improvisers learn by playing with different people, different energies, and different ideas. That’s why we’re committed to being a junction in the great railway system of improv across the nation. We’re also dedicated to anachronistic metaphors.

Tjoey pricehis month, we bring you Joey Price! He’s an old friend of the company, having guest starred with the Recchia at the San Francisco Improv Festival back in 2013. He’s also from San Francisco, has performed in Sketchfest multiple times,¬†and directed musical theatre for 3 years at the University of San Francisco.

Interested in catching something new? Well, your steamer is coming ’round the horn of Africa with trade goods from distant lands… Sorry, but I warned you about our metaphors. Anyway.
Learn a bit about listening from someone new this October 15th. Tickets here.

Joey Price is an actor/improviser/writer living in Brooklyn. At UCB, he has studied under Shannon O’Neill, Ari Voukydis, Chelsea Clarke, Kevin Hines and Lydia Hensler. He has been on a house improv team at UCB since 2012 and can be seen performing around town with his indie-teams Warren and We Godzillas. He’s also a writer and performer for the monthly UCB show Everyone’s Favorite Game Show.

Joey Price from Upright Citizen’s Brigade!