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Improv Jams are a valuable way for new performers to get some stage time, and for seasoned veterans to get practice in, and meet new improvisers. Our weekly Up Till Midnight Jam is a hub for our community. People meet, relax, get on stage, try new things, and show off their new teams and ideas. Come and sign up on the day of, right before the show starts at ten for a team slot (bring your own team!) or a mini team (a very short set for experimental and weird ideas), or just as an individual. Everyone who signs up as an individual gets to perform with a hand-selected group of improvisers in one of our Chunks.

Endgames also houses the periodic Ladystravaganza for female identified improvisers, hosted by Vagina Jones. The Ladystravaganza is a VARIETY SHOW and IMPROV JAM that is an all-out celebration of nasty women in comedy. Special performances interspersed with improv jam sets combine to create an evening of epic elation. All are welcome to watch, though only women will be gracing the stage. We CANNOT WAIT to see you there to share this evening of JOY.

Finally, Endgames produces the Diversity Jam and Open Mic a few times a year. It’s a chill, goofy, evening of improvised comedy and open mics. If you self-identify as part of any under-represented diversity group, you’re invited to play on stage with us in a supportive environment. If you don’t self-identify as such, come watch and build intersectional support!

Keep an eye out for more info about jams on our calendar, Facebook, or Twitter. Hear everything first by following along in Facebook community, too!

Endgames Improv puts on more shows than any other improv company in San Francisco. We know that the secret to growing as an improviser is to perform. Classes are wonderful for learning new skills, but only confronting the stage lights and standing in front of audiences will ever truly make you a performer. Here’s how you can get involved.

Harold Teams
After finishing Endgames’ curriculum, you are eligible to audition for a Harold team. Harold team members are coached by an experienced Endgames coach, and receive practice space and multiple shows each month at Harold Night (Wednesdays at 9pm). Most of our teachers and many of our house team members were on Harold teams first. It’s a great way to spend a year getting coaching and performance opportunity. You can read everything about how that process works and what’s expected of team members in our knowledge base. Watch our Facebook, Twitter, and community group for postings. Auditions are held three times every year.

If you just want to get on stage as soon as possible, all you need is a team! We have a number of shows that book performers regularly. If your team needs a coach, check out this curated list!

Every week at the Up Till Midnight Jam, one team is selected to open the show. Openers get featured and promoted as the headliner, and start the show off right. It’s a great way to show off to your community of improvisers! You can reach out to the jam through their Facebook page.

Every Tuesday at Endgames Improv we feature new and veteran teams in our show Indie Night. In this show teams perform a short set in whatever style they’d like. We’re always looking for more talent, and to feature teams that show of Bay Area improv skills. If you would like to sign up to perform in Indie Night, you can fill out this form.

Thunderdome is a weekly cage match style competition. Two teams go head to head for audience approval and laughter. Each week’s winner comes back week after week until they are dethroned. Contact jenn [at] endgamesimprov [dot] com for more info or to sign up.

Endgames puts on shows five nights a week. We want to see the best improv comedy on our stage at all times, and that means we are always open to proposals. Many of our shows were pitched by graduates of our programs and many others by improvisers from other programs. If you’d like to pitch a show, you can fill out our show pitch form or reach out to us at for more information.

Generally speaking, if you submit a show to us you will hear back within a few weeks. We schedule shows in three month cycles for the four quarters of the year, so depending on where we are in our cycle it may take more or less time to get you on stage. Normally we offer shows that interest us one or two preview dates, to see the show and offer feedback. If we like the show, we may offer you a run of shows.

Endgames is interested in all kinds of ideas, and forms of improv, but our tendency is toward shows that feature character driven improv, a comedic bent, and diverse teams of performers. We weight a clear theme that appeals to audience members, and consistent coaching and practicing very highly when making decisions about scheduling. If you’re looking for coaches, take a look at our curated list.

All shows need to have a producer, who serves as the point of contact for our Artistic Directors. If you’re the producer, you’ll help us promote the show, provide graphics and write blurbs, and be responsible for the vision of the show. Learn more about producing in our knowledge base.

Creating good improv and sketch comedy requires real humanity from a variety of experiences and backgrounds. It also needs collaboration and inclusion. If you self-identify as an under-represented person on the comedy stage and are interested in taking improv or sketch classes with us, apply for our Diversity Scholarship. Endgames values writers and performers from all backgrounds, and we believe that our stage should reflect the diversity of the Bay Area.

Our diversity scholarship committee reviews applications once a month and will notify all applicants of our decision via email. Selected scholarship recipients progress through Endgames entire five level curriculum with their tuition covered in its entirety.

Contact for scholarship-related questions, and check out the application link. We look forward to hearing from you.

Endgames students can volunteer for Endgames and exchange time assisting at shows for free classes. By signing up to volunteer, we will waive classroom fees. You’ll come to several shows and help out with the door, taking tickets, helping audiences get seats, and cleaning up afterward. You’ll work with our Stage Managers to make sure the show runs smoothly. It’s also a great way to meet performers, producers, and staff. Many of our volunteers have also gone on to be hired as stage managers, and to produce their own shows.

Learn more about our volunteers’ role by reading this article from our knowledge base. If you’re interested in volunteering, you can reach out to our volunteer coordinator at