Wednesday, Feb 21

Doors open approximately five minutes prior. Click the show title to purchase, or purchase at the door.

The End
Join your fellow cinephiles Chesterfield as we create an improvised movie before your eyes. We start with the end of our film, portraying an action filled and/or heart-throbbingly romantic and/or tear-jerkingly dramatic and/or gut-bustingly funny climax. We then work our way forwards from the beginning of the movie.
Harold Night
Two of Endgames own homegrown ensembles bring explore the farthest reaches of Improv's longest lived format.
10pmPassing Grade
Crazy Str8s is a non-threatening gay improv team that just wants to make you happy. In Passing Grade, we break the fourth wall to check in on you. A lot. But at carefully controlled intervals. For personal safety. How's the setting? Dull? Tammy is off to Puerto Vallarta! Not enough romantic tension? St. John The Baptist, turn that dial from 3 to 9, please! Solange or Beyoncé? Neither - Rihanna! We can't wait to have you join us for a show that quite literally couldn't happen without your approval.
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