thursday announcement

What it do, Endgames Fam? It’s been a year since we expanded our schedule to 6 nights a week, and now we’ve got even more improv for you to love! Thursdays are blowing up with a full line up from 8pm to midnight! We’ve made some additions that are really going to round out that sweet, sweet schedule. And by round it out, I mean make it look like an infants head that’s finally taking shape. Like, a shape that is pleasing and correct.

Speaking of bundles of joy, here are the newest shows to our line up:

  • Wednesdays @ 10pm – Inside Baseball: A Comedy Variety Show
    • Whether you’re looking for stand-up, improv, sketch, or ridiculous characters, there’s something for everyone at Inside Baseball
  • Thursdays @ 8pm – Wish You Were Here
    • People, places, laughs. Featuring Chad.
  • 4th Wednesday of the Month @ 7pm – In Living Color: Diversity Jam
    • If you identify as an under-represented person of color, you are invited to join us on stage for this latest addition in diversity jams presented by Endgames Improv!

Some oldies but goodies also have a new home:

  • Thursday @ 9pm – #ThrowbackThursday
    • Chivalry Club gets the scoop on a photo from your past and then turns it into a raucous, hullaballoo of improvised comedy
  • Thursday @ 10pm – Up ‘Til Midnight Jam
    • Show up with your team or sign up by yourself, open to all players!
It’s 2016 and we’re growing!