When Endgames opened up submissions for new shows back in January, we had to sit back and just stare in awe at the crazy ideas growing in our improv scene… Though, honestly, none of them was as interesting as The People’s non-Binding Arbitration. Don’t take our word for it. Watch their new promo spot!

Or hear it in Dwayne McDaniel’s own words:

The People’s Non-Binding Arbitration is out to solve one big question: what is justice?

The Arbitrator, The Bailiff (Derek Magnuson) and Uqaqua invite the public to bring their real personal disputes, present them publicly, and accept our non-binding decision. Each side presents testimony, then watches Uqaqua explores the argument and points of view to see which is most logical, fair or just funniest. The Bailiff keeps the show running and the Arbitrator—in his mirror mask—makes the final decision; who is right and who loses.

The show’s a mix of two ideas. First, one of the best improv formats out there, using audience stories to create scenes. You can see this every week at Your Fucked Up Relationship. Second, the show format of one of the longest running, most replicated TV shows in history: The People’s Court.

Instead of petty arguments, you get improv. Instead of serious small claims court issues, you can settle anything. Is choking up on a mallet in Whack-a-Mole cheating? Which pizza place within a block of our theater has the best pizza? Are Tinder dates at the bar Tender a worse crime against humanity than other Tinder dates?

Come to the show as friends with a petty dispute and leave as friends knowing who’s right. Get interviewed by The Bailiff as we deliberate on the case before delivering the final opinion.

Spotlight: The People’s Non-Binding Arbitration