We are currently NOT accepting resumes for this position.

Title: General Administrator
Hours: Full-time – 32 minimum, up to 40 per candidate’s choice
Pay: $25/hr
Benefits: 60% Health/Dental*, 15 days/year PTO accrued hourly based on 40 hrs
Bogus Rank: 3rd Lieutenant Superior
Reports To: Max and Scott
Start Date: Preferably by June 1st, 2017 or shortly after


Providing a welcoming and creative community for improvisers is the foremost goal of Endgames Improv. It takes a lot of work to keep all of that operating smoothly. We’ve reached a size and scale where we now need a dedicated set of eyes to manage it all. In the hands of this role, Endgames will level up its reliability and maturity.

Though this nearly a full time job, hours are very flexible; you mostly set your own schedule. Only a few items — receiving mail, taking out garbage — are time sensitive. Many tasks, like managing questions from students and others, requires at least checking in a few times a day.

Please know that this is not primarily a creative role. We’re looking for someone who can drive initiatives at Endgames, and own important parts of our company and community growth. This role won’t get you any closer to performing, teaching, or running things creatively. It will make you an important part of our staff, with ownership of many important things.


    • Customer Service – Respond to customer contact and triaging those that you cannot solve in a timely manner. These are mostly emails, but also some voice mail. Most of these are simple one-click solutions and coming up with new “canned” one-click resolutions. We use Zendesk and Google Voice.
    • School of Improv Registrar – Manage all the details of our education system. Enroll students, process refunds, post new classes, schedule teachers and classrooms, post half-price class offers, email students during the class cycle. Be a point of contact for the buddy system when needed.
    • Payroll – Using hours logged by teachers, instructors, and stage managers, enter data into our payroll system. Hours are logged in an Excel spreadsheet, then payroll is managed through Xero.
    • Outside Workshops – Reach out to a diverse set of out-of-town instructors to provide workshops for San Francisco. Negotiate contracts, book flights, hotels, and transit, and gather workshop information to post on Eventbrite. Work with ADs to up special shows if necessary.
    • Corporate Workshops – Work with corporate prospects to finalize paid gigs, schedule approved instructors, and manage billing/accounts receivable. There is room to work to expand this business, and significant expansion could result in commission / profit sharing.
    • Newsletter/Blog Posts – Act as editor of a regular monthly newsletter. Collect information on upcoming events. Curate photographs and write monthly copy. Blog posts can be also used in newsletter.
    • Facilities – Manage supply levels at all our classrooms (order supplies and receive deliveries), bring in trash bins weekly, gather mail, manage door access, and do light cleaning. Door access soon to be a software solution, but currently involves sharing codes to authorized personnel directly.
    • Rentals – We have a few community teams that rent during our open spaces. Work with those renters, to schedule, invoice, and handle billing.
    • Social Events and Training – Arrange regular meetings for the different stakeholders of the Endgames community. Teachers’ meeting every 4 months, staff appreciation parties every 6 months, community nights every 6 months, directors / producers appreciation parties every 6 months. This includes selecting time, location, and ordering food / drinks.
    • Miscellaneous – We have a number of other tasks that selfless volunteers are currently responsible for. Should one of those volunteers step down, we may need someone to take the role over temporarily. Other possibilities may include testing features in proprietary back end systems, working with contractors, general documentation, etc. Scott is opening up a co-working space and there may be some overlapping requests.


*It might not be possible to get a company policy for just one employee. So the benefit might come in the form of an extra monthly payment around 60% of an ACA/Dental plan (estimated at $600 + $60)

If interested, please email resume to info@endgamesimprov.com